payment methods


Payment Method


1: Paypal ( Recommend ) How to pay via Paypal?

2: Western Union How to pay via WU?

3: Bank transferHow to make bank transfer?

Payment Detail


Paying with PayPal


PayPal lets you send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account

Please note: this payment onle support paying for small-order.


Paypal Bank pay via e-mail :

First name:Wanhong

Last name:Duan

Transfer Time : 5 - 10 Minutes

Commission Charge: Customers needn't to pay



Paying with Western Union

  Website :

If you prefer Visa or MasterCard, please register for online payment function at the website of Western Union.


The beneficiary details for are:


first name: Wanhong

last name:  Duan

address: Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, China

postal code: 215000

You need to offer the sender info to us as below:

First name :

Last name :

Country :

Amount expected:

Money Transfer control NO.(MTCN):

Transfer Time : 5 - 10 Minutes

Commission Charge: High ( Customers Pay )


Paying with Bank Transfer

Website :

The beneficiary details for are:


First name:Wanhong

Last name: Duan

Number of bank account:4563516101030377044

Account   Bank: Bank of China


Transfer Days : 2 - 10 Business Day

Commission Charge: Low ( Customers Pay )