Frequently Asked Question


1. How to register?
A: You will need to establish a new account

Click on the "register" link found in the upper right corner of this page.
Enter the required information,click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
You've now established an account with

2. Can I change what I have ordered into other dresses after placing an order online?
A: Yes you can, but you need to notify us before you remit! You also need to provide the ID of the dresses before and after updating. We shall send you the new ID by e-mail for you to confirm.

3 How to pay?
A: accepts Western Union,Bank of China and paypal.

4 What should I do if the goods arrives damaged?
A: if your order has been damaged when you receive it, try to take a photograph of the package and express your refusal to accept it. In this case, please contact our customer service as promptly as possible.

5 What are the materials of the dresses?
A: Each dress is made of one or a combination of the following beautiful, high-quality fabrics:
Chiffon: delicate, sheer, and transparent material made from silk or rayon; its soft finish is often layered because of its transparency, making it popular for overskirts, sheer sleeves, and wraps
Organza: crisp and sheer like chiffon, but with a stiffer texture reminiscent of tulle but more flowing; popular for skirts, sleeves, backs, and overlays
Satin: heavy and smooth with a high sheen on the front; very commonly used for bridal gowns
Silk-Like Satin: smooth, silky satin with a glossy front and matte back
Matte Satin: soft, subtle shine and a smooth surface; similar to silk-like satin but less prone to wrinkles
Taffeta: a crisp, smooth high-end fabric with a slight rib
Tulle: netting made of silk, nylon, or rayon that is used primarily for skirts and veils (think ballerina tutus)

6 Does your company send free samples?
A: We are afraid not. We couldn't send free samples. You are welcome to place a trial order to test the quality of our products.

7 How long dose it take to deliver the goods to our customers?
A: After your remittance is received and affirmed, we begin to making the dress ,it will cost about 15 days,until send you an email to notify you of the time for shipping. Your order should reach you within 2-4 workdays.

8 If I want wholesale, can your company give me a discount?
A: Of course we give you a discount upon the amount of your order. The more you order, the more discount you will enjoy. If you need more information about our specific discount policy, please contact our customer service by email.

9 Is the price expressed on your website as US Dollar?
A: Yes, but you can pay by Pounds, Euros with the same value.

10 Do you offer customized making?
A: Yes. You are welcome to send our customer service an email to give the detail of your special requirements.

11. Whether the customer needs to pay the customs duty?
A: Yes. It is an international convention that the customer has to bear the tariff.

12 How soon dose your company make the delivery after confirming the remit?
A: The order is usually delivered within 2-4 workdays. We will inform you of the specific time promptly. If you have other questions about this issue, please feel free to contact our customer service by email.

13. Are the pictures the same as your dresses?
A: Generally speaking,the pictures are the same as the real items,But there will be tiny color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness,contrast and resolution or other factors.So the color difference is inevitable in some degree and what you see in the photo depending on your computer monitor’s display settings.

14. Can I pay part of the remit first, and then the rest after receiving the goods?
A: We are afraid not. On the one hand, divided payment will only increase unnecessary expend for you. On the other hand, we are a company with a good reputation established around the world. If you are not so confident in shopping at our store, you are suggested to place a small order for the first time. After you confirm our credit, we may set up long-term cooperation with each other.

15.How do you measure length for mini, knee-length and tea-length skirts if you only collect a hollow to the floor measurement?
We use the hollow to the floor measurement to determine where the knee is and then cut the correct length according to the dress design.

16. How can I make sure I’m ordering the right size?
When ordering a dress for your special occasion online, you’re right to pay close attention to getting the size right! Since we’re an international company, our clothing may run larger or smaller than the standard sizes you’re used to. Checking the actual measurements in our size chart and comparing them to your own measurements before placing your order is the best way to avoid size errors.

17.Why often has no customer service online?
OK!I'm sorry, we live in china, there is some different time between your country and China. When you work it is just our late at night;